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Merry christmas


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The traditional Summer Meeting of Finnish DXers was organized this time in 3.-5.8.2012 in Vuosaari, Helsinki. This meeting was also the 50th anniversary of this meeting tradition!

Some strange sclupture in the yard of the Hotel Rantapuisto

About 80-90 DXers were gathered to the event site, Hotelli Rantapuisto in Vuosaari, Helsinki. Vuosaari is only a short distance away from the city center, and the place is completely in the middle of the forest by the Gulf of Finland. The weather was fine and beautiful during the whole event!

Lauri Niemi giving a lecture about the Aihkiniemi DXpedition place in Inari, Finland

In the meeting, one era of Finnish DXing came to the end. The Suomen DX-kuuntelijat ry “the Finnish DXer’s -association” was dissolved. Originally Suomen DX-kuuntelijat was part of the Finnish DX-association which exists still today. But when times were changing, the association had lost it’s purpose and it really didn’t have any activities going on. And that’s why it was dissolved in this meeting.

Besides this, the visitors were able to listen lectures for example about antenna technology, FM-DXing and about the new Aihkiniemi -pedition place in Inari, northern Finland.

In Saturday I was also doing a radio programme with Antti Hemmilä for Scandinavian Weekend Radio, which was doing the official radio show of the Finnish DXers. In saturday evening happened the traditional banquett where the SDXL awards were given to notable DXers.

Jukka Kotovirta was taking care of the responsibilities of the auctioneer in the traditional auction of the banquett

In Sunday, we were able to visit the facilities of the Yleisradio, the national radio- and TV company of Finland in Pasila, Helsinki. There we could visit the 120m high link tower and the news studios! It was really interesting visit, because we could see the places, which are familiar for everyone from the TV but where people rarely visit really by themselves!

The link tower of YLE

You don’t see the city everyday from this perspetive!

Jan-Mikael Nurmela reading some funny news at the YLE news studio

More photos from the event can be found here:


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QSL from Radio Caroline International   Leave a comment

It has been a long time since last blogpost, but here I’m again! My last listening session happened in December 2011 and then I sent also some reception reports. From the stations that I reported, Radio Caroline Internatinal (pirate) received with this nice QSL in early January 2012! Thank you very much for the QSL Radio Caroline International! 🙂

QSL from Radio Carolina International


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Christmas holiday DXing ’11   Leave a comment

Hello! It’s has been a long time without new posts into this blog, but now I’m back! During this year, I have been working in Sodankylä, in Northern Finland and I haven’t had much good chances to do any DXing. But now during my christmas holiday, I have been back to my Ulvila QTH, where I have been DXing over christmas.

Here’s my DXing logs from my christmas listening sessions:

Time (UTC)/Frequency (kHz)/Station/Country/SINPO/Other


16.00/6374/Radio Caroline Int./Czech republik/35333
23.30/6270/ERTU, Radio Kairo, Abis/Egypt/45333/poor modulation, “porridge” -like sound, arabian pop music, talking about western christmas, programme in english
-23.49/5960/Voice of Turkey, Emirler/Turkey/53444/English programme, s/off


08.45/6205/Radio Spaceshuttle/Finland/45444/christmas programme with lots of songs by Marja Tyrni 22.05/9855/Radio Australia/Australia/45444/programme in english, news
22.20/9870/Saudi radio/Saudi-Arabia/44444/programme in arabian, arabian trad music


15.00/6390/Radio Mistletoe/Holland/35433/christmas programme and -music
15.30/6420/Uncle Sam Radio/Holland/45444/country -music
16.12/6670/UNID/UNID/45444/A mysterious number station
19.00/6320/Radio Delta/Italy/35433/music, programme in italian
21.45/3923/Radio Mistletoe/Holland/45433/Christmas music, also on this frequency
21.55/3965/Radio Taiwan Int./Ranska, Issoudun/55444/programme in german
22.05/1674/UNID/Sweden?/maritime communication in swedish and in english
22.15/1645/Radio Barones/Holland/45433/programme in dutch language, music
23.00/3930/Dr. Tim/Holland?/45333/sent some photos with SSTV
23.40/1710/UNID/Greece?/25333/Greec music, some traditional greek pirate?
00.00/4010/Radio Kyrgyz/Kyrgyzstan/45444/traditional kyrgyz music

And now I’m going to make some listening reports and send them all over, and then I’ll just wait for the QSL rain next year! 🙂

73′ and happy new year to you all!


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Report from TusLA on air -event   Leave a comment

TusLa on air -event was organized in 13.2.2011 @ market square of Turku, by TusLA association. The event was succesful, but weather was extremely cold. In the beginning of the event temperature was about -18 C, but in the hours of afternoon sun was warming little bit, rising the temperature near -10 C degrees. Because it was so cold, there were not huge crowd in the market square. There were anyway many people passing by the area, and some came to discuss an ask all kinds of things with us. Also some many DXers in Turku area visite our place! 😉 TurPa or SDXL didn’t got any new members, but we were succesful in selling some books (although they were little bit antiqued already…). Our event team included me, Jan-Mikael Nurmela, Hanna Aho and Linda Laakso who was there with me during the last hours of the event.

TusLA had also managed to get three high hoists to lift people in the air to see Turku from bird’s perspective! TusLA also tried to make longest QSO from market square of Turku that ever had been done. Their trial was succesful, they managed to make QSO to Nakkila and Tampere.

DXers in Turku region, from left to right: Rick Random, Jan-Mikael Nurmela, Harri Kujala, Tero Toivonen, Linda Laakso and Juha Ojanperä. (Thanks from picture to Hanna Aho; © Hanna Aho).

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TusLA on air @ kauppatori, Turku TOMORROW!   Leave a comment

The local group of shortwave -radio enthusiasts and other radio hobbyists are gathering together in market square of Turku, tomorrow! The happening will be organised by TusLA, which is a group of shortwave radio people. Also radio amaurs and we, DXer’s will be there. Our local DXer club in Turku, TurPa will be there, so come and meet us there!

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Special pirate weekend 28.-30.1.2011   Leave a comment

During this weekend, there will be a special campaign for european pirates to be on air! All european pirates are encouraged to be on air and to transmit on suitable times and frequencies so that they could be heard in Japan! I will be listening as much as possible during saturday and sunday! I will report results later!

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