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Some QSLs   2 comments

I have been happy to receive some QSLs from the listening sessions during late 2012!

I have received QSLs from following stations:

  • Crazy Wave Radio (Germany), reported/QSL received 1.1.2013/11.1.2013
  • Radio Tarzan (The Netherlands), reported/QSL received 2.1.2013/13.1.2013
  • Radio Mustang (The Netherlands), reported/QSL received 19.1.2013/21.1.2013

Besides those, I also received a letter as a response from BBC Radio Ulster, but one can hardly count that as a  QSL…(I will scan the letter and add it to the blog later)

But here are the real QSLs that I have received so far this year:

Many thanks for QSLs to you all!


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QSL from PBS Lhasa   2 comments

I got this beautiful and colourful QSL already in July this year, but I think it doesn’t matter that I’m writing about it this late because I waited for that QSL for almost 2 years! 😀 I listened to this station in 14.11.2010 and I received the QSL in 12.7.2012. The QSL and the cover (including the stamps) are among the most beautiful ones in my collection! Big thanks for PBS Lhasa for this wonderful QSL!


PBS Lhasa QSL – the frontside


PBS Lhasa QSL – the backside


PBS Lhasa QSL – the cover

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QSL from Radio Caroline International   Leave a comment

It has been a long time since last blogpost, but here I’m again! My last listening session happened in December 2011 and then I sent also some reception reports. From the stations that I reported, Radio Caroline Internatinal (pirate) received with this nice QSL in early January 2012! Thank you very much for the QSL Radio Caroline International! 🙂

QSL from Radio Carolina International


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QSL from Spaceshuttle radio   Leave a comment

During christmas holiday I listened lots of pirates, including Spaceshuttle radio from Finland. I reported them, and they sent me a QSL by e-mail two days ago. Responding took about two weeks. The QSL has a nice christmas theme! 😀 Many thanks about this QSL to Spaceshuttle radio!

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QSL from Trans Europe Radio   Leave a comment

Hello and happy new year to you all!

Some days ago I listened to and reported a dutch pirate station called Trans Europe Radio. I got e-mail response with QSL from them in three days from sending the report!

Signal quality was poor and there was lots of QRM but nevertheless I managed to do a short recording and send that to them.

The poor conditions and the fact that their transmitting power was only 70 W makes this QSL even more valuable!

Big thanks for QSL to Radio Trans Europe!

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QSL from Old Time Radio   Leave a comment

Today I was very happy to notice that I had received a e-QSL by email from Old Time Radio that I had been listening to in 11.-12.12.2010. So the answering took only 9 days, which I’m very happy about! They told me that the transmission that I was listeninng to, was received in many countries in Europa, including for example UK, Czech republic and Germany.

A big thanks about QSL to OTR!

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