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Welcome to Ionosphere! Ionosphere is my DXing blog.

What’s DXing?

DXing is a radio hobby, which means listening to foreign (distant) radio stations and monitoring them. One important aspect of DXing is sending reception reports to the stations. Sometimes the stations will send a so-called QSL -card as a verification of the reception. The QSL cards are being collected by the DXers. DXers are also competing against each other in the amount of received QSL cards and stations heard.

About this site

On this site, I’ll be writing about my DX hobby. I’ll be reporting here what I have heard and what QSL’s I have received. On the site, you can also find information about my radio equipment and my QSL collection.

About me

I’m a DXer from Finland. I have been mostly a general listener with emphasis on SW and MW listening, but I’m also interested in pirate listening. I’m listening in old school way with ordinary communications receiver or with a multi band portable receiver. I’m interested in collecting QSL:s and other radio related items. I’m a member of the Finnish DX Association.

Some facts

Name: Juha Ojanperä
Residence: Turku, Finland
Date of birth: 20.5.1986
Education: B.Sc., University of Turku, Finland (2010)
Occupation: Student


Posted January 3, 2012 by Juha Ojanperä

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