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I have been happy to receive some QSLs from the listening sessions during late 2012!

I have received QSLs from following stations:

  • Crazy Wave Radio (Germany), reported/QSL received 1.1.2013/11.1.2013
  • Radio Tarzan (The Netherlands), reported/QSL received 2.1.2013/13.1.2013
  • Radio Mustang (The Netherlands), reported/QSL received 19.1.2013/21.1.2013

Besides those, I also received a letter as a response from BBC Radio Ulster, but one can hardly count that as a  QSL…(I will scan the letter and add it to the blog later)

But here are the real QSLs that I have received so far this year:

Many thanks for QSLs to you all!


Posted January 27, 2013 by Juha Ojanperä in QSL

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2 responses to “Some QSLs

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  1. Great work congrats! Btw Mustang is Dutch!

  2. Tnx OH6001SWL! The Netherlands was my first guess for the nationality of R.Mustang, but I wasn’t 100% sure!
    73’s, Juha

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