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Christmas holiday DXing ’11   Leave a comment

Hello! It’s has been a long time without new posts into this blog, but now I’m back! During this year, I have been working in Sodankylä, in Northern Finland and I haven’t had much good chances to do any DXing. But now during my christmas holiday, I have been back to my Ulvila QTH, where I have been DXing over christmas.

Here’s my DXing logs from my christmas listening sessions:

Time (UTC)/Frequency (kHz)/Station/Country/SINPO/Other


16.00/6374/Radio Caroline Int./Czech republik/35333
23.30/6270/ERTU, Radio Kairo, Abis/Egypt/45333/poor modulation, “porridge” -like sound, arabian pop music, talking about western christmas, programme in english
-23.49/5960/Voice of Turkey, Emirler/Turkey/53444/English programme, s/off


08.45/6205/Radio Spaceshuttle/Finland/45444/christmas programme with lots of songs by Marja Tyrni 22.05/9855/Radio Australia/Australia/45444/programme in english, news
22.20/9870/Saudi radio/Saudi-Arabia/44444/programme in arabian, arabian trad music


15.00/6390/Radio Mistletoe/Holland/35433/christmas programme and -music
15.30/6420/Uncle Sam Radio/Holland/45444/country -music
16.12/6670/UNID/UNID/45444/A mysterious number station
19.00/6320/Radio Delta/Italy/35433/music, programme in italian
21.45/3923/Radio Mistletoe/Holland/45433/Christmas music, also on this frequency
21.55/3965/Radio Taiwan Int./Ranska, Issoudun/55444/programme in german
22.05/1674/UNID/Sweden?/maritime communication in swedish and in english
22.15/1645/Radio Barones/Holland/45433/programme in dutch language, music
23.00/3930/Dr. Tim/Holland?/45333/sent some photos with SSTV
23.40/1710/UNID/Greece?/25333/Greec music, some traditional greek pirate?
00.00/4010/Radio Kyrgyz/Kyrgyzstan/45444/traditional kyrgyz music

And now I’m going to make some listening reports and send them all over, and then I’ll just wait for the QSL rain next year! 🙂

73′ and happy new year to you all!



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