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DXing 27.12.2010   Leave a comment

Time (UTC)/Frequency (kHz)/Station/Country/SINPO/Other

14.48/6305/Radio Powerliner/Holland/35433/QSB
15.05/6260/Radio Quintus/Holland/33422
15.13/6385/Radio Dutchwing/Holland/35523/rock music, QSB
15.33/6400/UNID/UNID/35333/QRM,QSB/pop music


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DX logs from 25. and from 26.12.2010   Leave a comment


Time (UTC)/Frequency (kHz)/Station/Country/SINPO/Other

10.17/6265/Spaceshuttle radio/Finland/45433/Playing pop/rock music
10.336/6310/Radio Misteltoe/UNID/25232/christmat music
20.36/5010/Radio Nasionaly Malagasy/Madagaskar/35232/Playing africn music, QRM


Time (UTC)/Frequency (kHz)/Station/Country/SINPO/Other

11.08/6220/Spaceshuttle radio/Finland/45545/all kinds of pop music
11.31/6268/Magic music/Holland/35433/pop music
15.36/4015/Laser Hot Hits/Ireland/45233/Music, bad QRM
15.43/3932/Shoreline radio/Holland/45433/Played some finnish music, for example Eppu Normaali 😉
16.33/4015/Laser Hot Hits/Ireland/45233 not so much QRM this time nd stronger signal

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Yarr, pirate DXing on xmas eve!   Leave a comment

Here are some logs from yesterday (24.12.2010):

Time (UTC)/Frequency (kHz)/Station/Country/SINPO/Other

00.25/7360/Family radio/Fench Guyana?/44543/religious call-in show
10.37/6285/Radio Galaxy/Finland/35343/X-mas music
10.49/6265/Spaceshuttle radio/Finland/45444/X-mas music also here!
12.09/9290/Shoreline radio/UNID/35333/pop/rock music
13.04/6305/Radio Sextant/Finland/USB transmission/Xmas music
14.19/6305/Time Radio/Holland/USB tx/polka music
14.42/6375/Radio Misti/UNID/24332/
14.51/6315/Radio Trans Universe/Europe/23332/music, speaking in english
15.31/6310/Radio Marconi/UNID/Music
16.08/3900/Radio Spaceman/45233/rock music, QRM, fading

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Merry christmas!!!   Leave a comment

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QSL from Old Time Radio   Leave a comment

Today I was very happy to notice that I had received a e-QSL by email from Old Time Radio that I had been listening to in 11.-12.12.2010. So the answering took only 9 days, which I’m very happy about! They told me that the transmission that I was listeninng to, was received in many countries in Europa, including for example UK, Czech republic and Germany.

A big thanks about QSL to OTR!

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DXing 10-12.12.2010   3 comments

I was again DXing in my Ulvila QTH from friday 10.12. to sunday 12.12. Receiver: Palstar R30, antenna: ~20 m random wire

Here are the logs from this DXing session

Time (UTC)/Frequency (kHz)/Station/Country/SINPO/Other

Friday 10.12.2010
19.35/1665/UNID/UNID/45323/Some dutch (?) pirate playing schlager music non-stop
20.15/9580/Radio Africa no 1./Gabon/43433/in french, somekind of call-in show, QRM from 9575 kHz
22.09/819/ERTU, Batra/Egypt/44434/in arabian

Saturday 11.12.2010
9.48/5950/WYFR, Okeechobee, FL/USA/44444/religious call-in show
12.37/6250/Pyongyang Broadcasting station, Pyongyang/North Korea/44444/slight utility QRM
13.17/6285/Voice of Korea?/North Korea?/45544/in korean
13.54/6400/Pyongyang Broadcasting station, Pyongyang/North Korea/35232/in korean, bad QRM, poor signal

Sunday 12.12.2010
22.52/4026/Laser hot hits/UK/25222/Tentative, poor signal, fading
23.02/1670/Old time radio/Finland/45333/pop music, speaking in english and in finnish, at times QRM and noise
23.55/1620/Holland/UNID/35332/schlager and western music, some duth pirate
09.19/6300/Old time radio/Finland/45544/now with good signal strength and quality, rock, pop and polka music
10.12/6385/UNID/UNID/45444/A dutch pirate, transmission ended abruptly
10.29/6425/Radio Scotland Int.(Holland/45544/rock music, transmission ended abruptly @ 10.39
10.54/6600//6518/Voice of the people/South Korea/good signal quality on 6600, utility QRM on 6518, a clandestine station?
11.42/6280/Spaceshuttle radio/Finland/45544/Rock and pop music
11.46/6309/UNID/UNID/35332/Soe pop music, tx ended abruptly @ 11.48, some pirate

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Ionosphere, DXing, what the heck?   Leave a comment

So, what does that DXing thing mean anyway? And what the heck is ionosphere? Let my explain briefly! DXing means listening to distant radio stations and monitoring their programs. Abbreviation DX comes from words Distant and X (unknown), so it refers to the fact, that you will hear everytime something new, and the transmission might come from the other side of the world! It’s sure, that there won’t be two identical listening sessions! Everytime when you start listening, your listening experience will be exciting and fresh, and that’s the spcice of this hobby!

Ionosphere is a key thing to our hobby, because it is makes hearing distant radio stations possible! Ionosphere is a layer in the atmosphere, which consists of ionized atoms. That ionized layer is capable of reflecting radiowaves and that’s why they can travel such long distances. There will be anyway quite big differences in what you can hear and when. These phenomenae caused by ionosphre are called radio propagation, and that is very important factor to our hobby!

Image source: Wikimedia commons

Above you can see a picture of ionosphere’s sublayers. There are four sublayers in ionosphere, and some of them (D-layer, F layers separated) are existing only in daytime when sun is shining. In the night, F -sublayers will be merged and D -layer disappears. In the nighttime, merged F -layer is strong, and will reflect radiowaves efficietly!

So, that was explanation of DXing and ionosphere briefly! For more information, see for example wikipedia articles:

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